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Tuesday, November 1, 2016   /   by Amy Paradysz


THANK YOU to everyone that participated in our 2016 Halloween Candy Drive!
TOGETHER we were able to exceed our goal and collect 3,076  pounds of candy!!!!


We have shipped all of your donations to Operation Gratitude where they will include it into care packages and send it to the Troops serving overseas. In addition to candy, we collected donations of toothbrushes, toothpaste and letters to the troops. These letters are a huge part of the candy drive, and with the plethora of handwritten notes we collected we are sure they will make the troops smile!


This candy drive wouldn’t have been possible without the help of all of the participating business and drop off locations:

Thank you all for stationing collection boxes in your store front, your support helped us make this candy drive so successful.

Also, we would like to specially shout out J Dog Junk Removal for donating all of the shipping boxes! We couldn’t have done it without you all!


As we collected all 3,076 pounds of candy, we had plenty of help along the way. Our Real Estate team dedicated many, many hours into separating, weighing and packaging the candy, but there were many others as well that played a very important roll in this candy drive. Thank you to our office, Keller Williams Devon-Wayne for allowing all this candy to accumulate in the main lobby areas. (We know the noise levels and all the candy everywhere got a little crazy at times!) Also, thank you to Ben’s wife, Liz and their four children, Luke, Brad, Lola, and Eric for all their help sorting through the many pounds of candy! img_0429


Lastly, a very special thank you to UPS for sponsoring our shipping. We couldn’t have done it without their support. Shipping over 3,000 pounds of candy is not cheap, but they were able to make it possible! We know the troops will thank you, UPS!


We are beyond thankful for everyone’s help and support in this year’s 2016 Halloween Candy Drive!
Thank you again for helping us exceed our goal and collect 3,076 pounds of candy to be sent to the troops!